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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is difference between Peachtree Online and Peachtree Cloud?

Peachtree online as well as the cloud based services are similar to the extent that can as both provides anytime anywhere access to the accounting application. But Peachtree online services and Cloud services differs on following counts:

  • Online services are available only for some versions of Peachtree while the cloud services are available for all editions and versions of Peachtree.
  • Online services are relatively slow as the processing is actually done on the users end while for cloud servers since the actual processing is on the service providers end access speed is quite fast and hence can be accessed through any system, even your old PCs.
  • Cloud Hosting is  platform independent, browser independent while that may not be the case with online Peachtree.
  • Cloud services are network fail proof due to virtualization technologies and distributed computing framework.

2. What are the advantages of Peachtree cloud over Peachtree Online Services?

The advantage of Peachtree cloud services over online Peachtree are:

  • Cloud service provides the user with complete control of their data while online services may not provide local backup.
  • 24/7 technical support is provided by the cloud service.
  • Multiuser access and support for all Peachtree add-ons are provided for the cloud services.
  • You continue to use the same functionality of the edition and version of Peachtree you are using while the Peachtree online services are available for select Peachtree versions and with watered down functionalities.

3. What are the pricing for the Peachtree hosting services?

4. What Peachtree editions and versions can be hosted?

  • All editions of Peachtree accounting software can be hosted on cloud servers

5. What happens to my data when one leaves your service?

  • The data of the enterprise remains perfectly insured and within the users control. Data can also be locally backed up as well as we provide daily automatic backup.

6. What is the status of data security regarding Peachtree online backup?

  • Cloud Vertex gives extreme importance to the security of the user data and hence there are comprehensive security management procedure in place such as firewalls, encrypted data transfer, online security tools as well as real-time threat level performance monitoring of the network.

7. Is there any additional cost for Peachtree hosting other than the subscription prices?

  • Besides the monthly subscription, there is no additional costs involves. Always on technical troubleshooting, periodic software upgrades, installation are part of the service.

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